Corporate Social Responsibility

As the first to join the United Nations Global compact Chinese enterprise, as well as the global compact China network of the rotating chairman unit, the Chinese petrochemical always adhere to the international development and social responsibilities, combining the construction “the world first-class energy chemical company” run, adhering to the “integrity norms, win-win cooperation”. 

Thus, SIPC is entrusted in search of promoting economic, environmental and social development, pursuing the model citizen – international company, where both international society, as the parties benefit in a framework of respect and trust.

The basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are summarized as follows:
Respect for local culture

return benefits to local companies

sustainable development

SAEP Corporate Social Responsibility
The main business of Sinopec Argentina includes the investment in exploration, development, production, sale, storage and transportation of oil and gas in Argentina.
SAEP Corporate Social Responsibility
SAEP’s primarily strategy is to promote the development of energy in domestic upstream business, maximizing the value of our assets that are economically attractive with strong upside potential, to reach our objectives of growth and sustainability with a view to the long-term.
SAEP Corporate Social Responsibility
We are focused on developing a competitive oil & gas company with strong technical innovation, resource allocation, risk management and human resources, as well as best-in-class business performance, corporate governance, asset structure, and corporate image.

Project Nature Reserve Monte Loayza and Cañadón of Duraznillo


SAEP currently has this project, a strategic alliance that seeks to promote the conservation of marine and seashore biodiversity and the Patagonian steppe, considering the framework of conservation policies established by the Council of Agriculture of the Province of Santa Cruz.

The project articulates two associated reserves, one government owned and other private, dealing with them in an integrated manner.

The Monte Loayza Provincial Nature Reserve (governmental):​ Represents marine and seashore biodiversity. It is located seaside, 208 Km from Caleta Olivia and 139 km from Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz).
The “Cañadón El Duraznillo” Natural Reserve (private): represents the Patagonian steppe. It is located within the farm “Estancia La Madrugada”. Functionally, it acts as a buffer zone for Monte Loayza.

HES Guidelines and Principles


We promote leadership and commitment to HES issues to keep the risks of the operation under control and advise on risk prevention to operational Leaders. We have standardized indicators for monitoring and set and maintain procedures for safe operation. We also audit and monitor corrective actions.

SAEP has the Health, Safety and Environmental (HES) Policy, through which the Company reaffirms its commitment to protect people and environment by mitigating risks in daily operations, providing ongoing training to create a safe working environment.

Some of the basic principles governing this issue are:

Comply with the procedures and practices of industrial safety and environmental.

Observe industrial safety signs and warning alarms.

Ensure that the work environment is orderly, properly equipped and free of any imminent danger.

Comply with security measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the Company.

Ensure the safety of visitors and contractors who perform work within the premises of the Company.

Expand safety standards staff beyond normal working hours and activities.

Attend and get certified in the training modules of HES.

Report any danger, risk, unsafe conditions and unsafe action.

Carry out their activities in accordance with HESMS.

Report all incidents / accidents and accident risk.